Meet the heroes of Oracle
Harold Hammer, Diana Driver, Wanda Wrench, & Samuel Saw
help them to clear the dungeon and Be the Oracle.

Oracle is a Strategy puzzle game when all of Heroes you control move simultaneously.
Outsmart the dungeon to fight the enemies and clear the puzzle.

Game Control :
- Left click and swipe

Touch screen
- Swipe

-WASD or Arrow button


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Could you make it arrow key compatible?

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you must head back into the game first.
Click the outer background to make the arrow key functionable again

It's really hard to control the crowd. If you can call that more than one person.

Actually the game is about how Good you are when you've to control the crowd simultaneously...
Thanks for the review on Youtube, really appreciate and helpful.
we'll gonna make a the game EASIER even tough you've to control the crowd

Game difficulty is not high. In my opinion you just have to try a couple of times to find the best route. Also a good move would be to release a mobile build. The game just feels like it was supposed to be played on mobile.

Yes, the game is actually for mobile game,
and here we're looking for a good opinion to help us build the game in near future.

Thanks for your concern.